Steps for AIG Placement

-A student must be nominated for AIG evaluation by parent, teacher, or himself/herself.  Nominations must be received in writing.  
-A parent or guardian must sign Permission to Evaluate consent form giving the AIG Specialist the right to review the student's cumulative folder and administer any required tests.  
-The AIG Specialist collects all available information about the student's classroom grades, EOG (achievement) scores, and IQ (aptitude) scores.  If necessary, the AIG Specialist administers standardized achievement or aptitude tests to the student.

-The AIG Specialist presents documentation to the SCALE Team (School Connections for Advanced Learning). The SCALE Team reviews all data collected and recommends appropriate action related to the student's demonstrated need for differentiation.  The AIGIT consists of a school administrator or designee, the AIG Specialist, and two classroom teachers who are licensed or endorsed in gifted education.

-In order to qualify for the AIG Program, students must meet the minimum in the following criteria:

  • Grade of A's or B's in reading or math (most recently completed semester or year)
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Aptitude of 120 (90%ile or above) on a nationally normed test
  • Achievement score of 93%ile or above in READING on standardized test  AND/OR
  • Achievement score of 93%ile or above in MATH on standardized test

-The school-based AIG Specialist notifies the parents/guardians of the SCALE Team's decision.

Please contact Mr. Wayne Drummond
for additional information.