Health and P.E.


Health and Physical Education


Britten Cox
Chase Mcintyre
Jordan Powell

Health & PE Program:

In Physical Education classes, students are exposed to both team and individual sports activities. The emphasis is put upon participation, not competition. Students get a chance to improve their skills in basketball, volleyball, badminton, and paddleball, to name a few. Individual activities include jump rope, bowling, weight training, aerobics, and dance. Students rotate on a 10 school-day rotation, from Physical Education to Health to the weight room. In the health classroom, most of the work is in small-group or large-group discussions. Topics include nutrition, first aid, substance abuse, conflict resolution, consumer health, and self-esteem building.

The Physical Education Uniform is a white "Rams Fitness" T-shirt with navy shorts. Students in the 7th and 8th grades who have a uniform in good condition may continue to wear it and not order another. Students may order a new uniform at the beginning and end of each semester. The cost is $10 for the shirt and $10 for the shorts. Order forms can be obtained through the P.E. department. At Valley Springs we want each student to have a fun and educating experience in the Health and Physical Education classes.