Week 6 
Monday 9/23
1st-3rd Blocks: ASSISTments assignment on Google Classroom: What are Scaled Copies? 
4th Block: 2 Khan Academy assignments: Scale Drawings; Construct Scale Drawings

Week 5
Monday 9/16
1st-3rd Blocks: Study for test: use study guide, previous classwork, and Khan Academy for study tools. 
4th Block: Two Khan assignments: Identify Scale Factor in Drawings; Interpret Scale Factor in Scale Drawings. Access through IAM -> Clever App

Tuesday 9/17
All Blocks: No homework 

Wednesday 9/18
1st-3rd Blocks: Complete the Introduction to Scale Images packet
4th Block: The Size of the Scale Factor in Google Classroom under the Classwork tab.  This is an ASSISTments assignment.  

Thursday 9/19
1st-3rd Blocks: No homework 
4th Block: study for quiz 

Friday 9/20
All Blocks: No homework 

Week 4
Monday 9/9
1st-3rd Blocks: Google Classroom ASSISTments Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers
4th Block: Google Classroom ASSISTments Multiplying and Dividing Negative Decimals

Tuesday 9/10
1st-3rd Blocks: No homework 
4th Block: Access Khan Academy through Clever in your IAM account.  Complete the three assignments: Explore scale copies, corresponding sides and points, identify scale copies

Wednesday 9/11
1st Block: Finish multiplying/dividing integers coloring page
2nd-3rd Blocks: 2 Khan Academy assignments: Dividing Negative Numbers, Multiplying and Dividing Negative Numbers Word Problems
4th Block: No homework 

Thursday 9/12
No homework 

Friday 9/13
No homework 

Week 3
Monday 9/2/19: No school

Tuesday 9/3/19
1st-3rd Blocks: Pick any 14 problems from the fraction addition/subtraction handout
4th Block: Multiplication/Division Coloring handout

Wednesday 9/4/19
1st-3rd Blocks: No homework 
4th Block: Study for Rational Numbers test tomorrow

Thursday 9/5/19
1st-3rd Blocks: Add/Subtract/Multiply integers cow riddle
4th Block: no homework due to test

Friday 9/6/19
All Blocks: no homework 

Week 2
Monday 8/26/19:
1st-3rd Blocks: When Do a Bunch of Cold Germs Celebrate a Victory riddle.
4th Block: When Do a Bunch of Cold Germs Celebrate a Victory, and Who saw the Brontosaurus Enter the Restaurant riddles. 

Tuesday 8/27/19
1st-3rd Blocks: Additive Inverse practice problems 
4th Block: Multiplying rational numbers handout 

Wednesday 8/28/19
1st-3rd Blocks: Finish the 10 integer add/subtract word problems if not finished in class
4th Block: No homework 

Thursday 8/29/19
All Blocks: no homework

Friday 8/30/19
All Blocks: no homework 

Week 1
Monday 8/19: All classes: Sign math syllabus and return.  Make sure to have a math notebook for class. 

Tuesday 8/20: All classes: no homework 

Wednesday 8/21: All classes: no homework 

Thursday 8/22: 1st-3rd Blocks Fractions of a square activity AND finish algebra name tag if you did not complete in class. 
4th Block: shelf word problem in math notebook

Friday 8/23: All classes: no homework