Math 8

May 20-24

Monday                                                                               Tuesday              

XA4ME9NA7      Number System                                TY5TU4S               ExprEquations 1
WE9VA6VU3      Statistics                                              KA8QASS             ExprEquations 2

Wednesday                                                                        Thursday

SU7NE3CA          Functions 1                                         PY8DESLA9          Geometry 1
LU3RE7MA          Functions 2                                         XY9CUSB              Geometry 2

Must show work/reasoning on paper to turn in to Mrs. D.

Mar 25 - 29
Mon: packet pp. 8-12. Do page 11 for HW
Tue: Review & Quiz, Do Lessons 5-6-7
Wed:  Slope of a fit line. Clustering, Review for Test
Thu: Test and Lessons 9 & 10
Fri:  2-Way Frequency Tables

Mar 18 - 22
Mon: Finish Volume Packet
Tue:  Review for Test Unit Volume
Wed: Test, Begin Scatterplots-Unit 6
Thu:  Complete pp. 1-4
Fri: Complete pp. 5-8

Mar 11-15
Mon: B2 finish Review. Volume Cylinder, HW: p. 6 TEST Tuesday
          B3 TEST. Volume of Cone, HW p.6
          B4 Check Review. Volume Cylinder & Cone, HW p. 6 & 7
Tue:  B2 TEST.  Volume Cone. HW p. 7 & 11
          B3 WS cone & cylinder   HW p. 7 & 11
          B4 WS cone & cylinder  HW p. 11
Wed: all blocks-p12-16 in class.
          HW: p. Review for Test
Thu:  TEST
           HW: Better Buy
Fri:    Begin Scatterplots

Mar 4 - 8
Mon:  Finish Unit 5 Lesson 7 Packet.
           Complete Check Up on increasing vs decreasing
           Complete toolkit Is it linear? Is it a function?
           Complete 5.9a packet (1.5) More Examples of Functions
           HW: Prob. 1-4 on Homework page
Tue:   WU: prob 5-6 on HW page
           Check Up on 1.5; Begin 5.9b packet (1.7) Graphs, Rate of Change, Equation
           Comparing functions #1, 2
           HW: Comparing  #3-4
Wed:  WU: #5-6 on Comparing
           Finish #7-end in Comparing
          Quiz 3   Comparing Functions
           Begin Test Review
Thu:  Return checkups and quizzes
          Review all. Discuss all problems from the week.
          Check test review
Fri:   Unit 5 Test 1 Functions

Jan 14 - 18          Quiz on Tuesday and on Friday
Mon:  View Videos on Inequalities (on Math 8 Web Links page on this site)
            Complete the 4 pages of inequalities in the packet
            HW: Finish classwork
Tue:    WU: Daily Dozen 4a.
            Review all, some or no solutions - Quiz (solve equations - one, none, infinite)
            Discuss 4.8a, 4.8c, Application Word Problems
            HW: Finish Application problems
Wed:   WU: Daily Dozen 4b
            Complete 4.8d Write and Solve Inequalities
            HW: 4.8d Write and Solve Inequalities
Thu:    WU: Daily Dozen 4c
            Check All inequalities and Word problems
            Quiz Friday
Fri:       WU: Daily Dozen 4d
            Quiz  on inequalities and word problems
            Puzzle worksheet "Buttons" # 8-13 on paper
            Begin Review for Test on Unit 4 Test next Wednesday

Jan 7-11  TEST Monday
Mon: Review Solving Steps. Do fractional problem
           HW: U4Lesson 6 Homework a, b, c, f
Tue:  WU: Daily Dozen 4a
          Unit 4 Lessons 7 & 8
          HW: Lesson 7 Homework #1-3
Wed: WU: Daily Dozen 4b
           Finish Lessons 7-8
          HW: Lesson 7 HW #5-9
Thu:  Daily Dozen 4c
          Return Tests
          Unit 4 Lesson 8a & 8b - Writing Equations from Words
          Types of Solutions
Fri:    Daily Dozen 4d - for a grade
          Review Tu, We, Th work
          Quiz 2
          Begin 8c - Application Word Problems

December 3-7   QUIZ on WED
Mon:  Finish Books equations, Review test
           HW: Practice Problems for re-test
Tue:  WU: Distributive WS
          Re-take Test if <75%
          Hour of Code for > 75
          HW: Equations WS on back of Distr. (p. 17)
          Open Up 4.3 and matching lab; Variable on Both Sides
          HW: 4.3 Practice Problems
Thu:  WU:Solve equations Key Curr Press pp 18 & 20
          Solve equations Ky Curr pp 19& 21
          HW: Equations on KUTA worksheet p. 1 odds
Fri:    WU: Alg 2 Kuta - p. 2 odds
          Open Up 4.4 and Practice Problems


Nov 26-30  ELA NC Check-In Wed     Math NC Check-in Thursday   QUIZ FRIDAY
Mon:   Review Unit 1 and 2 Toolkits and Tests to prepare for Check-in
            Check In Practice Test on School Net   Code: KE6SA8  WORK ON PAPER
            HW: SchoolNet Practice FE2RE7
Tue:    Open Up 4.1 and 4.2 online 
            HW: 4.2 Practice #1-5
Wed:   Solving Equations with written steps, Golf Puzzle, Books Puzzle
            HW: Finish Books Puzzle - written steps on paper
Thu:    WU: Distributive Property WS
            Solve Equations WS Key Curr p. 14 & 16
            HW: Key Curr WS p. 17  QUIZ TOMORROW
Fri:      Review Mon- Thu work
            Quiz 1 of Unit 4
Nov 19-20   No School Wed-Fri    Happy Thanksgiving
Mon:  Unit 3 Test
Tue:    Movie - Freedom Writers

Nov 12-16          No School Monday - Veterans Day Observed         Tuesday-Play  Thursday-Alpha  Tea at 2:00
Mon:  No School
Tue: Play at Diana Wortham Theater, Lunch at Mall, no class
Wed:   Graph x=# and y=#  New Toolkit.  -Re-Quiz.  TEST next MONDAY
           Work packet  3.15, Key Curr pp. 24-25
           HW:  3.9 Enrich      
Thu:   Unit 3 Review, Key Curr p 28      TEST next MONDAY
           HW:  Key Curr p 29
Fri:   Finish Review, TEST on MONDAY

Nov 5-9               Early Release Tuesday          Quiz on Fri                                              
Mon:  More Linear Equations 3.9c
            HW: 3.9c HW #1-6
Tue:    Calculating Slope 3.10
            HW: 3.10 #1-4
Wed:   3.11 Finding slope; 3.11 extra practice
            3.11 HW #1-3, 6-8
Thu:    3.11 Tables Mix Extra Practice p. 1-3
            HW p. 4
Fri:      Quiz
           Extra Practice p. 5-7
           No School next Monday - Veterans Day Observed

29 - Nov 2            Early Release Wednesday                
Mon: Unit 3 Lesson 8 completion; Cool Down; Practice Problems
           HW: L8 HW
Tue:  Unit 3 Lesson 9
          HW: L9 HW
Wed:  QUIZ; L9a worksheets
           HW: L9a HW 
Thu:  L9b worksheets
          HW: L9b HW
Fri:    L9b part 2 workseets and HW sheet

Oct 22-26                                                                            
Mon: Unit 3 lesson 5 Cool Down
           Unit 3 L5 Problems 1-4
Tue:   Unit 3 Lesson 6 Problems 1,2 (Card Match Activity)
           Ready for More Problem 3
           HW: U3L6 Practice #1, 2, 3
Wed:  U3L6 Cool Down
           More Linear Relationships, Stories to Tables 1, 2
           U3 Lesson 7.1, 7.2 
Thu:   Unit 3 Lesson 7.3  Calculate Slope, 
           U3 Lesson 8.1, 8.2
           HW: U3L7 Practice 1, 2
Fri:     Unit 3 Lesson 8.3 and Cool Down
           U3L8 Practice 

Oct 15-19       Soil Conservation Field Trip Wednesday
Mon:  No school for students
Tue:   Finish Slope of a non-vertical line,
           Open Up 3.3 Slope - Rate of Change
           HW: Unit 3 Lesson 3 Practice #1,2
Wed:  Field Trip
Thu:  Unit 3 Lesson 4.2, 3.3 Check Up
          HW: U3 Lesson 4 Practice#1,2
Fri:   Unit 3 Lesson 5, Stacking Cups

Oct 8-12     Items for Hurricane Relief    Finance the Future on Wednesday
Mon:  Unit 2 Lesson 12 HW,   Complete #7 on Test
           Unit 3 introduction Lesson 1- 1.2
           HW: Unit 3 L1 Practice #3,4
Tue:   Proportional Relationships Prep Activity
           Return Tests
           HW: Unit 3 Lesson 1 Practice #1,2
Wed:  Graph Linear Equations, Target Sheets 1,2,3
           HW: Target 4
Thu:  Unit 3 Lesson 2.2  Card Sort, y-axis scale
          HW: Unit 3 Lesson 2 Practice Problems
 Fri:   Lesson 2 Cool Down, Representing Proportional Relationships
          Slope of a Non-Vertical Line pages 1,2,3

Oct 1-5     Items for Hurricane Relief     Early Release on Thursday  TEST FRIDAY
Mon:  Quiz on Dilations, Transl, Rotat, Reflec.
           Unit 2 Lessons 6,7,8
           HW:   None tonight
Tue:   Unit 2 Lessons 9-10
           HW: HW sheet Lesson 10 #2, 3
Wed:  Unit 2 Continue Lesson 10, Return quizzes    TEST on FRIDAY
           HW: Lesson 10 WS
Thu:  Unit 2 Lessons 11-12 and Review  Early Release 12:15  TEST on FRIDAY
          HW: WS  
Fri:    Unit 2 TEST and C-Palms Worksheet

Sep 24-28     Field Trip Wednesday
Mon:  Open Up 2.2, 2.3 and Dilations Day 1
            HW: #6,7,8,9 on Dilations Day 1
Tue:  Dilations Day 2, Scale Factor
          HW: HW Sheet #1-8
Wed: Transformation Combinations #1-3
Thu:  2.6 Sequences of Transformations, Kahoot
          HW: Lesson 4 Unit 2 Homework
Fri:  2.6 Even More Sequences pr 1-3, School Net Problems 1-8

Mon: WU Pkt Lesson 7 #3
           CW Lesson 1.15 and continue Transversals front page
           HW: Transversals Practice #7, 8, 11
Tue: WU Pkt 8.3 #1-4
         CW Lesson 1.16 and Transversals day 2
         HW: Pkt Lesson 8 #1,2, Pkt Lesson 9 Homework #1,2
Wed: WU Pkt Lesson 11.1, 11.2
          CW Unit 1 Review, Unit 1 Toolkit
          HW: Finish Review/Toolkit, Pkt Lesson 11.3, 11.4
Thu: WU Pkt Lesson 11 Homework #1,2
         CW TEST
         HW: Projecting & Scaling Homework
Fri: WU Unit 2, Lesson 1, problem 1
       CW Lesson 2.1 Projecting & Scaling
              Measure line segment lengths, find unit rate
              Eye test A,C,E scaled

Sep 10 - Sep 14
Mon: Quiz in Block 2
Tue: Quiz in Blocks 3 & 4
          Translation Puzzle Picture
         HW: Lesson 1.5