Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
AIG in Buncombe County Schools

1. Do students have to re-qualify for AIG each year? What about when they move from elementary to middle school?
No. Students do not have to re-qualify for gifted services each year. Students are given an Annual Review form at the end of each school year which states that the level of service will continue during the new school year, unless all stakeholders meet to determine a different level of service is needed.

2. If my child doesn’t place in AIG, can he/she be re-tested?
Yes. A student can be nominated again the following school year. Teachers usually wait a calendar year before re-nominating. AIG staff can use previous test data for the new nomination. (Achievement test data within the past 12 months and Aptitude test data from within the past 18 months)

3. Does my child get a grade on their report card for AIG?
No. There is no space on the report card specifically for AIG. However, a progress report will be sent home quarterly.

4.  What does my child do in AIG class?   How long are classes?  How often do they meet?
AIG students, in grades 4-8, will receive explicit and direct instruction from the AIG Specialist in a separate setting (at least 45-60 min./week) for the purpose of implementing the AIG curriculum that extends and enriches the NC State Standards.

5.  Is AIG service for my child only once a week?  
Besides the above mentioned AIG enrichment classes, AIG Specialists may serve students by going into the classroom to co-teach or assist the regular classroom teacher with differentiated/planning instructional units. AIG Specialists may provide small group instruction to meet the unique needs of AIG students. (accelerated math, novel studies, EOG prep, research, social-emotional needs, organizational skills, etc.) Locally AIG endorsed classroom teachers provide differentiated instruction for AIG students daily.

6. How does my child get in AIG class?
Parent(s), guardian(s), and school personnel may refer students for AIG evaluation. Students may also refer themselves. Students need to meet achievement and aptitude criteria. Contact your school's AIG Specialist for more information.

7.  Are there any after school AIG enrichment offerings?
Most schools have different opportunities for after-school activities or enrichment. Please check individual school websites for these details. Some after-school examples may include sports, Odyssey of the Mind, Lego Club, Girls on the Run, Chorus, Chess Club, etc.

8.  We are from another county in NC or state and my child was in AIG/Advanced classes at his/her previous school. Will he/she be in AIG in Buncombe County?
Gifted students who are currently identified in a NC public school will maintain their AIG identification. Student performance and assessment data is used to determine appropriate services. Transfer students identified as gifted in other states or private schools must meet Buncombe County Schools AIG identification criteria.