Education Links

  • Khan Academy Video Resources for HS Math 1:   and

  • Khan Academy Video Resources for Math 8:                                                         

  • Wabbit Calculator Download

    Click on the line below to download a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator to your computer.  Once you have downloaded make sure you click "View" and then click "Enable Skin" so you can see the calculator.  Enjoy. 
  • Website

    This website provides LESSONS of many math topics as well as INTERACTIVE PRACTICE opportunities for many math topics.  Please take a look at these lessons if you are struggling with a math topic and would like to master the concept:)  ENJOY!
  • Free Online Graphing Calculator

    Below is the line to a FREE Online Graphing Calculator.  Please note that this calculator's capabilities is limited.  Students use the TI-83 or TI-84 in the classroom and this is the calculator that should be purchased by every student.  Very few calculators are available for students to borrow.  Most of these calculators are TI-73 and have limited capabilities as well.  I hope this link helps at home until you are able to purchase your own calculator.
  • 8th Grade Math Textbook Website


    This link will give you access to a Mathematics and Connections textbook and supplementary materials for Math 8.  You will need the following username and password to access the student edition of the textbook.  Go to the table of contents to find the concepts we are covering.  Then go to the indicated lessons:
    username    MAC304NC
    password    c2sUfAwasA
    If you are not able to access the book online, you may still use the many resources available at this link:  lesson reviews, practice problems, personal tutor, quiz/test practice, study guides, EOG practice problems, etc. 
  • EOG Practice: Interactive

    This website will allow you to practice EOG Math 8 and EOC Algebra 1 problems.  If the answer you selected for a problem is correct, you will get a check for that problem. 

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    Math and Algebra Manipulative Activities

    Practice your math and algebra skills using fun manipulative game activities.  Search activities by grade and category.
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