Virtual Classroom

We will use Google Classroom and Zoom for conferencing.
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Parents / Guardians may have summary access to our google classroom. Summaries would be sent to the parent email address. Click here to see a sample summary. Once signed up, if you do not get a summary it is likely because there has been NO activity by your student. In this case, no news is not good news! Click here to open a new window containing more information about Google Summaries.

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Students will receive a secure invitation to join a session from their teacher.  Sessions will be recorded by the teacher. Please review the following Zoom Expectations.

For support with joining a Zoom Session: 
Zoom Directions for Students.pdf

Students should log into IAM and access Google to check their email TWICE daily. 

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Students (and parents) should check Powerschool daily for updates. 

Academic Support time will be scheduled in consideration of bus schedules and other student obligations. 

For face to face or virtual instruction, students should have a charged computer ready at the start of class. 
65W Ac Power Adapter Charger & Cord - Replaces Dell 6TM1C 9RN2C ...

Students will not have access to lockers and will need to keep cellphones OFF and in backpacks during the day. Cell phones will not be accessed during the instructional day. 

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Social distancing: Why a few steps makes a big difference | The Loop

For Covid-19 protection, students will have appropriately distanced assigned seats and must wear a mask throughout the day. 
Please review this video for appropriate mask protocols.