Spelling Bee Intermediate Words



Abyss is a large deep hole that appears to have no bottom.


Acronym is an abbreviation consisting of letters that form a word.


Acrophobia is a fear of heights.



Admonitory means warning.



Amorphous means without shape.



Anachronistic means to be misplaced in time.



Analgesic is a painkiller.



Anarchist is one opposed to government.



Anomaly is an abnormality.



Anthropoid means humanlike.



Anthropomorphic means man-shaped.



Antinomy is a contradiction between two statements, both apparently obtained by correct reasoning. Apprehension is a feeling of worry or fear that something bad might happen.



Assiduous means hardworking and thorough.



Assonance means the repeating of sounds in words that are close together, especially in poetry.

Belligerent means very unfriendly and angry.



Cadenza is an elaborate solo.

 Chauvinism is a fanatical devotion to something.



Chronic means serious and lasting for a long time.



Circumambient means surrounding.



Cognizant means aware.



Colloquy is conversation.



Commiserate mean to sympathize.



Concatenate means to chain together.



Contiguous means touching.



Deify means to make into a god.

Diatribe is a speech or piece of writing that angrily attacks someone or something.



Dichotomy means a difference between two opposite things or ideas.



Disingenuous means not really honest or sincere, and only pretending to be.



Disinter means to unearth.



Dolorous means full of grief.



Ecumenical means universal.



Effulgence means to shine out.



Egomania is self obsession.



Egregious means extremely bad.



Elucidate means to explain.



Emollient is a softener.



Entomology is the study of insects.



Epiphany means revelation.



Epistolary means relating to the writing of letters.



Epithet is a word or phrase that describes the main quality of someone or something.



Excrescence is an abnormal outgrowth.



Exhortatory means urging.



Exogenous means originating externally.



Expatriate means to banish.



Extemporize means to improvise.



Extirpate means to root out.



Fortepiano means being loud then soft.



Fractious means unruly.



Fulguration means the act or process of flashing like lightning.



Geosynchronous means stationary in orbit.



Gerontocracy is a governing body consisting of old people.



Gregarious means sociable.



Gynecocracy is a society ruled by women.



Heliotropic means sun following

Ideologue is someone who behaves very strictly according to an ideology, and never doubts that it is right.



Idiosyncrasy is peculiar behavior.



Impecunious means not having much money.



Improvident means not thinking carefully enough about the future, especially by wasting money.



Inamorata is a woman with whom you are in love.



Incarnadine means flesh colored.



Incipient means just beginning.



Incorrigible means not correctable.



Incredulous means not able to believe something, or not wanting to believe it.



Indigenous means originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.



Ineluctable means impossible to avoid.



Inexorable mean impossible to stop.



Inexpugnable means impossible to overcome or overthrow by force.



Ingenuous means innocent and naïve.



Innocuous means not harmful.



Inquisition is a long series of difficult questions asked by someone who is very determined to get information from you.



Insipid means boring, dull, or pale, with no interesting features.



Insouciant means not worrying about or paying attention to possible problems.

Insurgence means uprising.



Interregnum is time between rulers.



Intervene means to come between.



Intractable means stubborn.



Intramural means existing or carried on within the bounds of an institution, especially a school.



 Intransigent means refusing to change your ideas or behavior with no good reason.



Introspective means inward looking.



Invidious means to cause envy.



Isocracy means all having equal power.



Kinesiology is the science of motion.



Kleptomaniac is a pathological thief.



Lugubrious means looking very sad or serious.



Malapropism is a ludicrous misuse of a word.



Malediction is a curse.



Malfeasance means public misconduct.



Megalomania is a mental illness in which someone believes they are very important and powerful when they are not.



Melancholy means dark sadness.



Mellifluous means pleasant to listen to.



Metamorphosis means change of shape.



Misnomer means the wrong name.



Misogynist is one who hates women.

 Mobocracy is political control by a mob.



Monolithic means acting as a single, often rigid, uniform whole.



Morphology is the study of how words are formed in a language.



Narcissism is the excessive love or admiration of oneself.



Narcolepsy is a medical condition that makes you fall asleep very suddenly.



Neologism is a new word or expression, or an existing word used with a new meaning.



Neophilia is a tendency to like anything new.



Neophyte is a beginner.



Nomothetic means based on a system of law.

 Nonentity is someone who is not important or interesting at all.



Obdurate means hardhearted.

Omniferous means producing all kinds.



Oppugn means to argue against.



Opulent means rich.



Ostensible means apparent.



Ostracize means to totally reject.



Paradigm is a model.



Pathogen is a disease causer.



Pellucid means crystal clear.



Perspicacity means insight.



Perspicuous means brilliantly clear.



Phantasmagoria a constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.



Pharisaism is hypocritical observance of the letter of religious or moral law without regard for the spirit.



Platitude is a flat trite remark.



Pleonasm means the use of more words than are required to express an idea.



Postprandial means after dinner.



Prescience is knowing or behaving as if you know what will happen in the future.



Proclivity is a tendency to want to do a particular thing, especially something bad.








Prognosis is a doctor's opinion about the way in which a disease or illness is likely to develop.



Proscenium is the part of a theater stage that is in front of the curtain. Pugnacious mean combative in nature.



Pusillanimous means lacking courage or determination.



Quadrilateral means four sided.



Querulous means given to complaining.



Refractory means obstinately resistant to authority or control.

Refulgent means shining radiantly.



Remonstrate means to argue with, complain to, or criticize someone about something.



Remunerate means to pay or reward someone for their work.



Sagacious means full of wisdom.



Sanctimonious means holy.



Sanguinary means bloody.



Sequester means to set apart.



Solicitude is a state of concern.



Soliloquy is a speech to oneself.



Somnambulist is a sleep walker.



Somnolent means sleepy.



Stoicism is indifference to sensation.



Superfluous means unnecessary.



Surfeit means excess.



Symposium is a conference.



Synergy is a combined force.



Syntax is grammatical arrangement.



Tenacious means holding firmly.



Teratology is the science of monstrosities.



Tergiversate means to desert.



Valediction is a farewell speech.



Vociferous means loud and forceful.



Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners.