Spelling Bee Beginning Words

Abjure means to renounce or give up something under oath.



Abscess means moving away from being normal or healthy.



Accelerate means to cause something to move faster or with greater activity



Acclamation is a loud eager expression of approval, praise, or assent.



Accommodate is to do a kindness or favor.



Acquisition means something which is sought and gained.



Adhere means to stick to or cling to something.



Adjournment is the close or end.



Adversaries are opponents or enemies.



Advisably means in a manner capable of being seen as best.



Aerobic pertains to or caused by oxygen.



Affinities are connections between two or more similar things.



Aggravate means to make worse or more severe.



Airy means consisting of or having the character of air.



Allege is to say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong or illegal, even though this has not been proved. Allegedly means according to what is supposed.



Ambivalence is having contradictory attitudes or feelings.



Anesthesiologist is the person who studies agents that remove sensation.



Annihilate is to reduce to utter ruin or nonexistence.



Apologetically is a way of offering reasons or acknowledging fault.



Apologizing is offering reasons or acknowledging fault.



Apposition is the placement of two nouns near one another to explain.



Appositive is a word placed directly following the noun it modifies.



Aqueduct is a channel or passageway to lead water.



Archaeological is related to the study of items from earlier times.



Archaeologists are people who study items from earlier time periods.



Ascribable is something that is able to be referred to as a supposed cause/source.



Aspirant is a person desiring a high goal.



Aspiration is the act or process of moving toward a higher goal.



Assassinate is to kill suddenly or secretively.



Asymmetry is the quality of not having balanced proportions.



Atrocious is extremely or shockingly wicked, cruel, or brutal.



Attendance is the persons or number of people present.



Bisector divides something into usually equal parts.



Caricaturist is someone who draws an exaggerated picture.



Ceded means to have yielded.



Chronological means arranged or described in the order in which events happened.



Chronologies are the established time order of events.



Circumscribe means to draw around or to encircle.



Clamorous describes something noisy or full of loud shouting.



Coherent means having the quality of sticking together.



A colleague is an associate or someone with whom one works.


Collectibles are items that are gathered together.



Combustible is something that is capable of catching fire and burning.



Commemorate means to show that you remember an important person or event by having a special ceremony, or by creating a special object.



Committed means set into action or placed in charge of.



Comparable means having features in common with something else.



Compatible means to get along.



Compelled means to be pushed together or forced.



A compendium is a detailed collection of information on a particular subject, especially in a short book.



Complicatedly is the manner of being mixed up or in a confusing manner.



Composites are things put together from different parts.



Conducive means creating a situation that helps something to happen.



Congratulate means to express pleasure to a person on a happy occasion.



Conquerable is something that is able to be overcome by force.



Conqueringly means in a manner of gaining completely.



Conscientious means controlled by or done according to one’s ethics and morals.



A controversy is a dispute between sides turned against one another.



Conveniently means in a manner coming together with ease.



Convertibles are things capable of changing completely.



Conveyance is the process of moving people, animals, or goods 



from one place to another or the act of making known.



Correlation is the act of bringing back together.



Counterrevolution is the movement against overturning the old for the new.



Definitely means without any doubt.



Depose means to put down or to remove from power.



Describable means able to be written down.



Dialogs are exchanges of words between people.



Diametrically means exactly opposite.



Differentiated means made different by alteration or modification. Diminutive describes something small or tiny.



Discourteous describes someone who is impolite, uncivil or rude.



Dissected means cut apart or analyzed closely.



Dissent means strong disagreement, especially with what people in authority think or with what the majority of people think.



Dissidents are people who sit apart and are disagreeable.



Dissuades means persuades someone not to do something. Divertible means capable of being turned aside.



Doubtlessly means with certainty.



Ducts are passageways that lead.



Eccentric means deviating from the recognized or customary practice.



Ecstatic means pertaining to excessive joy.



Ecstatically means in a manner standing outside oneself in a joyful manner.



Efficiency is the quality of being productive without waste.



Effusions are acts of expressing feelings in an extremely enthusiastic way.



Emissaries are people sent out to perform tasks.



Emitted means sent out, given off or released.



Encephalitis is inflammation of the substance of the brain.



Equidistance is at the same distance from two places.



Equilibrium is the state of balance.



Eulogizing is speaking well of the deceased at a funeral.



Exaggerate is to magnify beyond the limits of truth or to overstate.



Exclaimer is a person who shouts out.



Expellant is something that pushes or forces out.



Exponentially means to be done in a manner of increasing or growing very fast.



Expositions are acts of public showings.



Extraordinarily is acting beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established.



Fascinate is to attract and hold attentively by a unique power.



Fineries are sets of exquisite items.



Formatted means shaped or arranged.



Formulaic means as if something is usual in shape or arrangement.



Geometrist is a person who measures the earth.



Gradations are qualities of having steps.



Grapheme is a written unit or symbol that stands for one sound.



Gruesome means hideously ugly.



Hygienist is an expert in health.



Immobilizations are acts of causing to be unable to move.



Impartialness is the quality of not taking a side; showing neutrality.



Inaccessible means not able to go toward; not easy to get to.



Inadequacy means failure to be of the quantity or quality needed for a particular purpose.



Inadmissible means not allowed to be sent forth.



Inconveniently means done in a manner not coming together.



Indefinitely means done in a manner not having an end or limit.



Indescribability means an inability to be written down.



Indestructibly is done so as not to be capable of being unbuilt or torn down.



Indicted means brought formal charges against someone, especially in a court of law, as in a federal grand jury.



Indisposed means disinclined or unwilling.



Inefficient means not productive.



Ineligibly means in a manner not able to be selected from.



Inferring means coming to a conclusion based on information.



Infrastructure is the underlying framework or features of a system.



Injurious means having the quality of causing harm or damage.



Inquiringly means done in a manner seeking information.



Insecticide is an agent that kills bugs.



Insensibilities are demonstrations of lack of feelings.



Insidiously means spreading harmfully in a subtle manner.



Insufficient means not made up to be enough; not adequate.



Interceded means sent or came between.



Interdependence is the quality of reliance among things.



Invaluable means impossible to establish the worth of.



Invisibility is the quality of not being able to be seen.



Irreparable means not able to be fixed or repaired.



Messaging means sending out communication.



Misallocate means to do a poor job setting aside or distributing.



Miscellaneous describes extra items without a category.



Misgauge means to determine incorrectly.



Movability is the quality of being able to move or relocate.



Multipliable means able to be increased two-fold.



Pendant is an item of jewelry on a necklace or bracelet.



Perceptible means able to be taken thoroughly or grasped completely.



Permissible means allowed to be sent through.



Photographically means in a manner recorded on a light-sensitive surface.



Prescribing means stating officially what should be done in a particular situation.



Pretentious means offering false appearance.



Prevalent means very common in a particular place or among a particular group.



Privilege is the law or right belonging to an individual.



Proclamation is the act or process of shouting forth.



Propensities are inclinations or tendencies in behavior.



Psychologically means in a manner relating to the study of the mind.



Readjustment is the act of changing again toward what is right.



Recapitulation is the act of telling the head or main points again.



Recompensing is paying back or making a payment for damages suffered.



Rectories are positions of leaders.



Reducibly means to do in a manner able to be brought or led down.



Regicide is the act of killing a ruler or king.



Repellant is anything pushing or forcing back.



Repetitious means happening or done many times in a way that becomes boring.



Replicative means capable of being reproduced or duplicated.



Requisite means necessary for a particular purpose.



Requisitioning means making an official request of order that something should be given or made available.



Respiration is the process of breathing again.



Scholastic is having to do with school and learning.



Scrumptious means delicious.



Sedimentation is the process of settling or resting on the floor of liquid.



Separately means done in an individual or disunited manner.



A subsidiary is a company that is owned by a larger company.



Suffices means makes up to be adequate.



Sufficiently means done in a manner made up to be enough.



Susceptibility is the quality of being opened or exposed to.



Suspicious means tending to cause or excite questionable behavior.



Symmetrical means measuring with even or in proportion.



Technological means pertaining to science and practical arts or skills.



Tenacious means holding to or being stubborn or determined.



Therapeutic means pertaining to the treating of disease.



Traceability means the ability to be drawn around a guiding shape.



Transgressor is a person who steps across or beyond; a person who does wrong.



Transpiration is the act of breathing through.



Traversable means able to turn or pass across.



Unconquerable means not able to be acquired by force.



Unmanageable means not controllable.



Unstably means done in a manner that is weak or changing.



Vacuum is an enclosed space from which matter has been removed.



Valorous means full of strength and worth.



Versatility is having the ability to be used in many different ways.



Volute is a spiral or twisting turn, form, or object.