Peer Mediation Club

In a Nutshell...

by Lyn Bush, 5th Grade Counselor and Facilitator
What is Peer Mediation? 
Peer Mediation is a PROCESS in which students facilitate discussions between parties in conflict, helping the parties work together toward a solution that is agreeable to all.
Why have a club?
At Koontz Intermediate, we focus on giving back to our community. By creating a Peer Mediation Club, we are able to meet regularly, create a "club" atmosphere for our participants and help them gain ownership of the process. We just thought it would be a great way to go!
What qualities do I need in order to be a member of the Peer Mediation Club? a good listener able to be neutral in the discussion
...always trying to help SOLVE the problem
...keeps the conflict between those involved only a team builder dependable and trustworthy
We will begin our meetings in the fall of 2017. Check back for more important information. Also, watch our announcements for up to date news.