NOTE: Stephen Covey died in the summer of 2012 as a result of complications from a bicycling accident. The impact he had and will continue to have is global and timeless .My hope is that at Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, we are able to embody these traits and continue to strive toward the primary greatness in all of us that Stephen Covey promoted. 
HABIT 1: BE PROACTIVE: Proactive kids are responsible for their own actions. They recognize they are making their own choices and are empowered by that understanding. They are change agents!
HABIT 2: BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND:  By visualizing what the goal (the end) is for individuals (families, teams and organizations) children take control of their future. They have a vision of where they are headed and how they are planning on getting there.
HABIT 3: PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Children are able to organize themselves and prioritize their responsibilities so that they keep aligned with their principles and what they value the most.
HABIT 4: THINK WIN-WIN:  Children who think win-win have a frame of mind and heart that seeks mutual benefit and mutual respect with all they are involved. It is about "we" not "me" that drives them to an empathetic relationship with others.
HABIT 5: SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD:  When we listen so that we can understand others, not so much so that we then can reply, we begin to experience what true communication is like. It doesn't take away from our opportunities to speak, it enriches us when we do.
HABIT 6: SYNERGIZE: This habit is all about team work and cooperation. Not just my way or your way but our way. It encompasses  respect, valuing others as well as celebrating differences.
HABIT 7: SHARPEN THE SAW: To be an effective person, we have to continually renew our emotional/social, physical, mental and spiritual self. This is the key to being able to live out the 7 habits effectively.