This year, different groups will be offered at C.T. Koontz depending on the needs of our students.  Some of the groups that are common are: Relational Aggression and Bullying,  Students of Divorce, Death of a family member, Deployment Group, Siblings of Special Needs, Anger Management, Study Skills, Salvaging Sisterhood, ), and any group specific to our population. We will start Book Clubs not only early in the mornings but also at lunch time adding 15 minutes onto a child's lunch for discussion. Academic Advisement Groups will begin soon. Just for fun, I meet with all kids several times a year for a "Lunch Bunch Hangout" time. It's hard to run an effective group during a 25 minute lunch (someone is always eating, not eating or talking with a full mouth!), so we just have fun talking and problem solving.
Please share any concerns and thought you might have as to what needs your child might need met while in our school.