Small Groups Support

This year, I will be as flexible as possible and as creative as I can to offer different groups at Valley Springs that will support our students in the areas most needed. This year my focus will be on their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) while navigating the pandemic and how that has looked in their lives as well as other skills middle school students can focus on.
I will be conducting a "Minute Meeting" with all students connecting me with each of them as soon as possible. From this meeting with all students, I will be able to create groups accordingly.  Some groups in the past have been: Newcomers Group, Academic Support Groups, Attendance Groups, Social Skills Groups and College/Career focused. groups and any groups that are needed for this year.
Please share any concerns and thought you might have as to what needs your child might have while in our school and how I can support those needs.

I look forward to working with each of the students at Valley Springs this year!