Vacation Ideas

Ideas for Summer Fun Check Sheet


When students were asked "What can you do this summer?", some great ideas (mostly free) were given below. Use these and we'll see you in August active, happy and healthy! 


Read, read, read (did I say read?)

Limit TV, video games and computer( IDEA: have a week hourly limit and use 30 and 15 minute cards to keep up with the time used each week)

Ride bikes, scooters (race, trails, obstacle courses)

Make up new games

Have water fights (with plastic cups, buckets, water balloons, water guns)

Bean bag games or use balls and buckets

Go on a safe walk with a friend/parent/ pet or all three!!

Homemade bowling (fill water bottles with sand)

Water games (homemade slip and slide, run through sprinkler at different heights, run through the water as someone shakes the hose and try to escape being wet, same on the ground)

Build with blocks/rocks/sticks

Build a fort with blankets, chairs

or build a fort outside with things in your yard

Play in the woods near your house (if allowed!)

Hide and Go Seek indoors and out

Catching bugs (keep them safe and release) how many can you catch in 30 minutes?, etc

Catch (and release) fireflies at night (use a jar with ventilation)

Camp out in the backyard

Help a parent cook

Set up play dates with friends at the park

Make birthday and get well cards for people

Go fishing

Help around the house

Bucket of water game (try to get the other person wetter than they get you with just using your hands or a cup to throw water)

Board games

Card games (Go Fish; Old Maids, Concentration)

Play on trees (with parent’s permission!)


Jump Rope (count how many on one foot, two feet, switching feet and try to beat your records, use as a high jump: see how high you can go)

Art projects (tons of these!)

Playdough (you can make it yourself as well!)

Pretend you are at the beach in your own backyard!

Plant flowers or vegetables and tend your garden

Be creative with sand and rocks

Baseball games (with makeshift bats and balls if you don’t have these)

Tag Games: Kick the Can, Papa Bear, Ghost in the Graveyard, Stuck in the Mud, Spotlight (or Flashlight) Tag

Chalk Art outdoors

Go on a hike (around the neighborhood, in your own yard (exploring as you go) or on a Hike with family or friends)

Hula Hoop (count how many you can do around your waist, your knees around one foot!???)

Water balloon toss (to see what team of 2 can toss farther w/o it popping)

Plan a party for friends (do all the work, invitations, plan activities, snack list, deliver invitations)

Splish, Splosh, sploosh! (or Drip, Drip, Drop) with water in a sponge or cup played like Duck, Duck, Goose)

Have wheelbarrow races

Make lemonade and sell it

Egg races with spoons

Re-enact a video game outside

Marbles: collect and play the marble game

Race and play tag with a pet dog

Create new cheers and motions to go with the cheer

Design jewelry with clover, flowers or weeds you find

Make your own bubbles or play with store bought bubbles

Horse shoes

Croquet (items can be homemade)

Golf around yard with “holes” made from trees, bushes, cans, etc.(use plastic balls)

Mud fights after it rains (with protection on eyes..sunglasses)

Ping Pong or Tennis type games in the yard/driveway

Teach yourself how to play an instrument

Play soccer with homemade goals

Go on a hunt for cool rocks

Add to the list and lets us know what you did next year!


These are ideas the students gave when asked, “What can you do this summer near or around your house?”  Please use any or all of these that would be appropriate for your child!