Colegrove, V. - 8th EC

Virtual Days, Academic Support Mrs. Colegrove Office Hours 9:00 am - 1:00 pm See my Google Classroom code is yeotkwb if you have questions email me at Google Classroom Mrs. Colegrove's Picture My name is Valerie Colegrove. I have been teaching students with Learning Challenges for 30 years. This is my second year at Valley Springs Middle School. Before I came here, I was a Program Specialist for Special Education Services. That experience gave me the opportunity to observe and support many teachers in the county teaching students with Learning Challenges. I started in Buncombe County at TC Roberson High School after 13 years at East Henderson High School and 10 years in the State of South Carolina. Therefore, I am familiar with the both the high school and middle school curriculum and the supports provided for challenged learners in all these settings. I graduated from Southern Wesleyan University with a bachelors in Special Education and a Masters in Special Education. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Special Education from K-12. I have had state level and district level administrative positions and teaching positions. I love students and that is the thing that continues to draw me to the classroom. I challenge students, care for them, and make every effort  to help them feel validated, valued, encouraged, supported, and capable of to advocating for their own needs.

Currently, I support Challenged Learners on the Toney Team and the Tenney Team. I work with students in ELA and Math and I conduct an Academic Support class in the place of Social Studies for students who struggle more significantly in Math and ELA. I have more details on that class on one of my pages!!