Math 7 Syllabus

Mr. Bob Durstock

Valley Springs Middle School



Welcome to the start of a new year!  This year students will be exploring Math through the North Carolina Common Core Standards.  Students will learn to reason and communicate in mathematics.  This will be done using real-life problems, hands-on/online activities and group work.  In this letter you will find useful information for this course, including: rules, materials, homework information, and the grading policy.  Please review the information with your child.  Complete and return the attached sheet tomorrow.  Keep this copy to refer to as needed.  Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.  I look forward to an incredible year of learning!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. 



BCS middle school students will be discovering math using the Open-Up Resources by Illustrative Mathematics.  Family materials are available the following link:



In Grade 7, instructional time will focus on:

·         Analyzing proportional relationships

·         Exploring the number system with rational numbers

·         Using properties of operations to explore algebraic expressions

·         Exploring geometry with surface area and volume

·         Statistics and probability


Needed Materials Specific To Math

Along with the 7th grade supply list, you will need the following for daily use in class.

1. Calculators

Scientific calculator with a fraction button. Example: TI-30XIIS


2. 5-Subject Spiral Notebook

Students will use this notebook for warm-ups, classwork/notes, and showing work for homework


3. Pencils with Erasers

Must have for Math! 

Students will be expected to be prepared with these items each day.


Classroom rules

1. Be Responsible                3. Be Mindful

2. Be ready to Achieve       4. Strive for great work  


R.A.M.S. Expectations


Warning               Silent Lunch    

Parent Contact     Parent Conference                 

*Serious Offenses will be sent straight to

the office



Grading Procedures

** To receive full credit, detailed work showing individual thinking must accompany any answer. **


45% - Tests

30% - Quizzes

25% - Practice


-      Tests will come throughout each unit and will summarize learning up to that point. 

-      Quizzes will occur periodically.  These can be quizzes and/or graded classwork.  Results will be used to adapt the teaching to meet the learner's needs. 

-      Practice will consist of homework and classwork.   


Grading Scale

A – 100-90    B - 89-80      C - 79-70      D - 69-60      F – 59-0       



Homework will be given often Monday-Thursday.  Homework is rarely given on Friday.   Homework will be checked for completeness.  Students are responsible for asking questions and getting support as needed, in class, during lunch, and after school if necessary.   


Homework will be posted on my website and in the class room.  The definition of completed homework is that all work is shown and that all problems are attempted.  If a student fails to complete homework on a regular basis a home contact will be made.


Make-Up and Late Work

Students have five days to turn in any late work.  After five days if the work is not turned in, a zero will be given.  The highest grade late work will receive is an 80.  If a student is absent, they are responsible for getting any notes and making up any work missed to receive credit for that day. 


Extra Help/Assistance

Arrangements may be made in advance to stay after school for extra support or make up any missed work, quizzes, or tests.  If after school arrangements cannot be made, students may sign up to work during lunch.