Gilmore, S. - 8th Science

Student device Log Ins and Important Information
Computer User name: Lunch Number
Password: YYVSmsMMDD
  YY = Lst 2 digits of birth year
  MM = Month of birthday
  DD = Day of birthday

School email address:
  First letter of the first name
  Last name
last 4 digits of lunch number

IAM password  YYVSmsMMDD

Zscaler : Lunch
Password: YYVSmsMMDD

Daily 4 squares will be posted soon.   
4 Square notebooks should be going home nightly to review vocabulary and 4 square information
There is a 10 question test each Friday.

       Welcome to 8th Grade Science          
                   Mrs. Gilmore 
                                           for inquiring minds   
                            BS in Science and Physical Education 
                                       Highly Qualified Teacher 
                                                   SIT Chair 
                               VSMS 2010 Teacher of the Year 
                              Volleyball Coach / Asst. Soccer Coach
I have been teaching 8th grade science at Valley Springs for 21 years.  Teaching is truly what I love to do.  My goal is to create a daily opportunity where students thrive at becoming learners.  I have high expectations of myself to provide support, encouragement and challenging content.  There is also high expectations of students in areas of integrity, commitment, attitude, responsibility and self motivation to engage in the learning process.