Honor Society

Honor Society Welcomes YOU

Sponsors:  Vimi McKeithan and Jennifer Anthony
Membership Fee due October 4
Forms Due February 17th and Must be attached to copy of child's Semester Report Card 
If you made a C in a class, you may Get Teacher Recommendation Form: Teacher Recommendation for Honor Society
Member Meetings
October 14
November 18
December 9
January 13
February 10
2022 Induction Ceremony:  TBA at 1:55 pm in the
Valley Springs Middle School Auditorium 

How Do You Get Into the Honor Society?
*Have a 3.5 GPA at the end of 1st Semester
*Preferably all A's and B's 
* behavior in and out of school
*Complete 12 hours of service for your community (not your family)
How Can You Get Service Hours?
*VSMS will make Christmas Shoeboxes
*Volunteer at your place of worship
*Help neighbor,elderly person, business
*Volunteer to help with concessions
*Volunteer to help with elementary parent nights

Why Do You Want to Be a Part of NJHS?
You will develop the following traits:
* Scholarship
* Service
* Leadership
* Character
* Citizenship
Where Can You Find Sponsors?
* Mrs. McKeithan Room 606
* Mrs. Anthony - Counseling