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Come and join us on Wednesday mornings starting on Wednesday September 18!!

VSMS Regional and State Teams 
2007 Team:  (No Picture)
Marie Mauhar, John Dugan,
Kimberlee Holland, David Wang
2008 Team:
Megan McGufficke, Moshe Feldman,
Jerry Sun, Wynter Wolfe
MC 2008
State Competition
2009 Team:
Kay Nakazawa, Moshe Feldman,
Akshay Gupta, Matthew Mauhar
MC 2009
State Competition
2010 Team:  (No Picture)
Moshe Feldman, Sophia Porach,
Joyce Wei, Bradley Caswell
2011 Team: 
Daniel Cho, Kristie Kim,
Michael Morris, Daniel Witte
Regional Competition 
Regional Competition
2012 Team:  (no picture)
Kristie Kim, Corey Lando,
Vishal Naik, Ren Zhang
2012 Regional Comp pic

2013 Team:
Ren Zhang, Sahil Gupta,
Avi Feldman, Keshav Kumar
Top Individual:  Cameron Mosley
Top Unofficial Teams:  Anna Beaver, Gayeon Nam, Cameron Mosley,
Duncan Mills, Timothy Jenkins, Alexa Sedman.  Go Rams!
 2013 Regional Comp pic
2014 Team: 
Keshav Kumar, Avi Feldman, Thomas Hanson, Michael Mahoney
Win Countdown Round:  Thomas Hanson
Top Unofficial Teams:  Anna Beaver, Gayeon Nam, Duncan Mills, Emily Lim.  Go Rams!
MC pic
2014 School Pic
2015 Team:  Thomas Hanson, Keiran Jensen, Andrew Best, Cooper Nunnally
2nd Place Countdown Round:  Thomas Hanson
Top Unofficial Teams:  Zachary Moss, Jenny Suk, & TJ Bell.   Other Regional Qualifiers:  Emily Lim, Amy Webster, Kevin Cainto, Daniel Ben-Ami.  Go Rams!
 Displaying MC 2015.jpgmc 2015
 2016 Team:  Andrew Best, Keiran Jensen, Andrew Barnett, Sydney Hruska. 
2016 MC  
2017 Buncombe County MathCounts Competition
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1st Place in Regional Competitions in
2nd Place in 2010
3rd Place in 2011
2nd Place in 2012
1st Place  2013   & Top Individual
1st Place in 2014
2nd Place in 2015 & Top Individual
5th Place in 2016
5th Place in 2017

We will meet on Wednesday mornings from 7:05 - 7:35 in Room 806 to practice problems and review concepts.
Competition Dates:

County:  January 26

Regional:  Feb 3 TCR
(top 10 individuals)

State:Mar 23 Durham
(top 3 Regional teams)

National:  May ? - Orlando Florida
(top 4 individuals in NC)



 2018 Regional Math Counts - 2nd Place - Qualified to go to State - Bonnie Zhang, Torin Steciuk, Dane Kappalman, Lucca Ferraz (Nisha Das went to STATE competition instead of Lucca)
2018 MathCounts Regional