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Mr. Tager Syllabus


North Carolina history is the study and re-creation of our past through careful observations, accounts, and documents which greatly impact our present and future.   History is constantly in a state of perpetual motion always changing as we discover new theory, details, and questions that shape our opinions of how our world once was.   In order to properly understand our past we must try to eliminate all hindsight interpretation and think, ask, and observe history as if we were in the historical time period.  As a teacher it is my goal to create a learning environment that enables students to think in this way and analyze the past through a collective lens allowing them to make their own decisions about how history was, is, and will be.  

Through this course, students will be provided with content, practical knowledge of U.S. history, practice in critical thinking activities, and experience in effective writing techniques that will better prepare them for not only for success in the class but also their future lives. This course is divided into units and emphasizes themes throughout North Carolina history.

These units include {What Every Tar Heel Should Know, Native Americans, Beginnings of English America, Birth of Carolina, Colonial America, The American Revolution, NC in the New Nation, Antebellum NC, Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction of the South, NC in the Industrial Revolution, WWI, The Roaring 20s, Great Depression, WWII, Decades of Change -The Cold War, NC in the 21st Century}

This will not be an easy course, but I will do my best to make it fun. I promise you that I will always work extremely hard to provide you with the best instruction possible. I am always learning more about history as I teach it and if you feel that there is anything I can do to improve my instruction please feel free to let me know. Hard work on your part will be essential to success.

Class Expectations:  


Respect:  Respect each other, treat each other as adults.  I intend of treating each one of you as adults and I respect each and every one of you. I hope that we can have a cooperative learning relationship; I learn from you and you learn from me.  This will only be possible if we Respect each other, respect can only be given if it is granted by both parties.

Communication:  I believe that being able to understand one another and respect each individual’s viewpoints, and opinions we must have clear Communication.  I will be as clear as possible with you when teaching and instructing assignments, if I am not or I have confused you please ask me or tell me so.  I expect the same type of clear communication from you to your peers as well as myself.

Positivity:  I believe that a positive outlook and mindset can make all the difference in your life and the lives around you.  I can guarantee that I am going to be positive each and every day. I challenge each and every one of you to try and do the same.  I am not asking you to be jumping for joy and smiling every waking second because that is simply not reality. I just ask that you approach this course and all that it encompasses with a positive attitude.

Consistency:  Being fair is the key to a successful class. You are all unique individuals so I will not treat you equally but I will certainly treat you fairly. I hope that you show this sense of fairness to your peers as well as myself.  I am going to try my absolute best to remain consistent in my teaching and all-interactions within the classroom and I ask that you try to do the same.   


1.)   Follow Directions promptly (1st time) Respect others when they are talking or sharing their opinion-(This includes:  do not talk when the teacher is talking, do not have side conversations when people are presenting or talking to you, no name calling or negative comments about one another, no cursing or derogatory terms)

2.)    Be actively engaged as much as possible- ( This includes: no sleeping, playing games or off-task on the computer,  If you’re going to be here, actually be here, make it worth your while.)

3.)    No Cheating- ( Plagiarism! Do not pass other’s work as your own this will get you no where and you will be caught, making cheat sheets, coasting off of the hard work of others-not doing your share of the work in group projects)

4.)    Ask Questions- ( If you have a question never be afraid to ask, if I am not being clear please ask me)

5.)    Only use technology as directed-( don’t waste your time, if you’re going to be here actually focus and learn this will not happen from playing video games, texting, or being off task.) We will have days in which we use technology and days that we won’t.

6.) Respect others when they are talking or sharing their opinion-(This includes:  do not talk when the teacher is talking, do not have side conversations when people are presenting or talking to you, no name calling or negative comments about one another, no cursing or derogatory terms)

7.) Follow all VSMS school rules, policies, and procedures.


  1. )Bathroom- students are expected to use the bathroom during class changes. They are only permitted to use during class if it is an emergency.


  2. )Laptop/Devices- students are expected to bring their laptops to class each day fully charged and ready for educational use.


  3. )Canvas & In class Notebook- students are required to participate in my Canvas Course  and are also required to keep  an “In class” Notebook for additional course work.


  4. )Late Work/Make-up Work- Work turned in after the assigned due date means that it is Late. (Classification of Late will ultimately be up to my discretion) There will be a penalty of -10 points per day that the assignment is late. Paper late work should be turned into the Late Work basket. Missing work is to be accepted up to five (5) days after an assignment is due. Make up work-should be coordinated with me upon absence. Canvas will allow you to see what you missed while away. It is your job to coordinate with me to catch up.
  5. )Consequences:
  1. First offense: Verbal Warning
  2. Second Offense:  Verbal discussion/last warning. Take preventive measure to stop behavior. (Either in class or after class depending on the situation) May result in assigning silent lunch
  3. Third Offense: Office Disciplinary Action or Disciplinary Referral.

Any extreme offenses will involve an immediate office visit. These include, but are not excluded to: any acts of insubordination, bullying, fighting, etc. Whether something is considered an extreme offense is up to my discretion.

Attendance:  Refer to your VSMS handbook.


40%-Tests & Projects Summative- Unit Tests and Projects

40%- classwork, class notes, organization of student notebook, homework, DBQ, group work, online assignments, bell-ringers, note-book checks  

20%-Quizzes, Reading Comprehension Tasks

Test Corrections:

If a student scores less than a 80% on a Test they are eligible for Test corrections & a remediation process where I reteach the material and the student can earn a fraction of the points back to their original score as long as this process is completed within 5 days of the time they receive their original score.

Materials Needed

  1. Spiral notebook for (INTERACTIVE STUDENT NOTEBOOK)
  2. Paper
  3. Writing Utensils
  4. School issued N.C History Textbook
  5. Canvas Utilization
  6.  Positive Mindset J




Please sign this so that your son or daughter may receive a 100% for their 1st assignment of the year.

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