Roots Notes

Roots Review Units 1-10



1.         Form = shape, or arrangement

2.         Pon, Pone, Pose, Post, Pos = to put or to place

      3.    quis, quir, quest, quire, quer = to ask, to seek, to gain
      4.    Port = to carry, to bring
      5.   Val, vali, vale, valu, vail - strength, worth, health 
      6.     Sign, signi- mark, indication, meaning, seal 
      7.    St, Sta, Stas, Stat, State - to stop, to stand 
      8.  Pel, pul, pell, puls, pulse - to push, to force, to beat
      9.   act, ag = to cause to move
     10.  Ject -to throw
     11.   Jur, jure, juri, jury, juris, jus, just - law, right, true, to swear an oath
     12.   grad, grade, gress - to step, to go
     13.   graph: something written, drawn, or recorded; chart 


Ex = out

Uni = one

Com, Con = together

In, Im = in, not

      Un - not 
     Sup = up, up from below 
Sub = under (up from below)
Sus = under (up from below)
      De= take away, make opposite, reverse, remove, down
      Dis, di, dif = away, varied, not, apart, opposite of, 
     Trans = across
     Re= back
     A, ac, ad, af, ag, at = for, to, toward
     E, Ex = out
     Ambi- both
     Equi- same, equal
     post- after 
     Circum - around, about
     Contra - against, opposite
     Per - thoroughly, completely 
     bio - life
     geo - earth
     para - beside, in addition to , beyond
     bi - two
    tele- far, distance 
    auto - self
    poly - many 
      ed- past tense verb
      ing- present tense verb
      s- present tense verb, plural noun
      ment, ent, ence - an act of, a process, a thing
      ion, tion- an act of, a process, a thing
      able - able
      less - without
      er/or - a person, a thing that does
      ers/ors - people, things that do 
      id - resembles, a part of a group
      ids - a group (people)
      ly- in a manner of 
      ice- just like ion or ment (a thing, an act of, a process of)
      ive- inclined to be, that which performs or serves to
      ist - person (just like or/er) 
      ic - belonging to, person/thing, characterized by
      y - state/condition, characterized by
     al - having power 

3.         Vers, Vert = to turn

4.         Fac, fic, fect = to do or to make

5.         Mit, Mis = to send, to throw, to put

6.         Cap, Cept, Cip = to take, to hold

7.         Mob, Mot, Mov = to move

8.         Log = word, speech, reason, order, study

9.         Duc, Duct = to bring, to lead, to pull or to guide

10.  Ced, Cess = to go, to come, to yield
11.  Spect = to see, to look, to appear, to regard; kind or sort
      Ad = toward, to

Af= towards, near, to, in for

Per= through

O = not

Inter= between

Man = hand

Auto= self

Astro = star

Theo= God

Bio= life

Chrono= time

Eco= home, environment

Intro = inward, within, in

Pro= forth, for, forward

Suc= up from below

Pre= before

      Post = after



Er/or = a person or device that “does”

        ers/ors = people or devices that do

Able/Ile = capable, inclined to, worth of

Ent, ant = turn verb to noun or adjective (same as ion)

Ion = a thing (an act of)

Ate = verb

Ile, ili, il = capable of

Ize = to cause

Ist = a person who performs an action