Counseling Services

Valley Springs Counselors provide the
following services at grades seven and eight, as needed.


Enrollment Procedures— Families moving into our school district should meet with a counselor to discuss the enrollment procedure, and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Individual Counseling — Consists of a confidential, private meeting with a counselor to discuss personal concerns and issues.

Group Counseling — Consists of weekly sessions with a small group of students with similar concerns and issues. Group participants are given opportunities to share ideas, explore possible solutions to problems, practice skills, and set goals in a confidential setting. Examples of group topics may include anger management, grief, changing families, and friendship skills.

Classroom Counseling 
— Consists of social-emotional education.


Parent Conferences
— The grade level counselor meets with parents, students, teachers, and administrators to address the student’s progress in school, to discuss resources to assist the student and family, and to develop a plan for school success.

— Consists of the grade level counselor working with students, teachers and parents in developing a school plan that will meet the needs, interests, talents, and future career plans of each student.

—The grade level counselor meets with parents to discuss family issues and problems that may adversely affect school success. Parents may be provided with a list of community resources to help the family in dealing with personal and emotional issues. 


— Rambassadors help acclimate new students to our school by introducing them to their teachers, by providing them and their families with a tour of the school, and by serving as a buddy to each new student for their first week of school.

Red Ribbon Week — In October, students are reminded to keep away from drugs for a lifetime by participating in a week filled with anti-drug activities.

Career Day — In November, twenty plus presenters from the community talk to eighth grade students about career choices and opportunities.
Parent Newsletter — Three counseling newsletters on happenings in the counseling department are provided for each student during the school year. Newsletters are sent home in the fall, winter, and spring with report cards.
Referral to Community Agencies — In conjunction with the school social worker, counselors assist families in connecting with community resources.