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Valley Springs Middle School

Counseling Department

At this time, Buncombe County Schools is not accepting new enrollments until further notice. 

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Welcome to Valley Springs Middle School Counseling Department

VSMS Virtual School Days

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Please check out our Google Classrooms. Mrs. Anthony's Google Classroom Mrs. Bush's Counseling Classroom Mrs. Bonanno's Virtual Classroom Stude
nts and parents will receive an email with the code,

or you may contact a counselor for more assistance. Jennifer Anthony 7th Grade Counselor
Lyn Bush
8th Grade Counselor

Katie Bonanno
School Social Worker

To provide a comprehensive counseling program that helps our students reach their potential. We are masters’ level trained counselors. We work in conjunction with school staff, families, and community agencies to help students with personal, social, and academic needs.

If you would like to contact your child’s counselor, please call the main school phone line at 828-654-1785 or send us an email.
(During virtual days, email is best).


There are any number of reasons for children to seek out a counselor at school. The times that we live in can be difficult and stressful. Many personal and school related problems have a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn. School counselors provide a safe, confidential environment for all students.


*Talk to students individually and in groups about their educational, career, personal, and social concerns
*Classroom counseling lessons, including Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness
*Referrals to community agencies
*Assists in crisis situations
*Help students with academic goals
*Aid teachers and parents in helping students
*High school planning
*Information for parents and guardians regarding educational, career, and personal resources

Role of a School Counselor

A School Counselor is a highly trained, proactive professional who works cooperatively with school staff, families, and community agencies in assisting students with their personal, social, and academic development.