Transportation Information

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We are EXTREMELY excited that you have chosen to attend Valley Springs Middle School!

We hope the following information will provide families with valuable information regarding school bus transportation.


Students who rode a school bus at either Valley Springs Middle School or C.T. Koontz Intermediate School* during 2017-18 will remain on the same bus for 2018-19 unless a change in residency has occurred since last school year.

Provisions will be made for students who need to ride a bus to/from an alternate location (e.g. parent work location, after-school activities) provided that space is available.


Valley Springs Middle School reserves the right to deny any requests for transportation changes that are not a result of a change in residency.



·     Transportation is not provided for students who reside in the district for Cane Creek Middle School – even if they attended CTKIS and/or they currently have siblings who attend CTKIS.

·     VSMS students who rode buses 251, 280, or 344, while students at CTKIS, are not allowed to ride to/from stops in the district for Cane Creek.


A Quick Explanation –


·     C.T. Koontz Intermediate School is a combination of 5th and 6th grade students from two (2) districts –

o Valley Springs Middle School:

·     W.W. Estes Elementary School;

·     Avery's Creek Elementary School;

o Cane Creek Middle School

·     Glen Arden Elementary School.

·     7th and 8th grade students who attend VSMS must reside in local areas for which the aligning elementary schools are:

o W.W. Estes Elementary School;

o Avery’s Creek Elementary School.


In Summary –

·   VSMS/CTKIS is unable to provide transportation for any VSMS student who resides outside of the district for Valley Springs Middle School.

o This includes any student who has a Discretionary Admission Release (DAR) on file with VSMS.

o This includes any student who has a sibling that attends CTKIS but lives in the district for Glen Arden/Cane Creek Middle School.


We understand that transportation rules can be difficult to understand and it can be just as difficult to know if you reside in the district for Valley Springs.

If you are uncertain if you reside in the district for VSMS or if you are eligible to receive transportation to/from VSMS, please contact the school.


You may also visit 
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