Week 33
Monday 4/22: Google Classroom: Areas of Triangles 
Tuesday 4/23: Finish the triangle packet. REMEMBER all of the interior angles of a tiranlge add up to 180 degrees.
Wednesday 4/24: Complementary & Supplementary Angles handout 

Week 32
Monday 4/8: ASSISTments expression/equation review due Thursday.  Unit test Thursday. 
Tuesday 4/9: ASSISTments expression/equation review due Thursday.  Unit test Thursday. 
Wednesday 4/10: ASSISTments expression/equation review due Thursday.  Unit test Thursday. 
Thursday 4/11: no homework due to unit test
Friday 4/12: no homework.  Have a fun and safe Spring Break! 

Week 31
Monday 4/1-Friday 4/5: Please finish the solving equations packet.  I will collect this Monday, April 8 when I return from the 8th grade field trip to Atlanta. 

Week 30
Monday 3/25: Distributive Property Riddle pages due Wednesday 
Tuesday 3/26: Distributive Property Riddle Pages due Wednesday 
Wednesday 3/27: Due to many students having difficulty with the homework, I am making it due Thursday. No other homework assigned tonight. 
Thursday 3/28: no homework 
Friday 3/29: no homework 

Week 29
Monday 3/18: phrases to algebraic expressions handout
Tuesday 3/19: Google Assistments Homework--this assignment will not count as a homework grade, we will discuss it in class. 
Wednesday 3/20: Master the Skill Distributive Property handout
Thursday 3/21: no homework 
Friday 3/22: no homework 

Week 28
Monday 3/11: Study class materials for test Wednesday
Tuesday 3/12: Study class materials for test Wednesday
Wednesday 3/13: no homework due to test 
Thursday 3/14: no homework 
Friday 3/`5: no homework 

Week 27
Monday 3/4: No homework 
Tuesday 3/5: Finish skills practice
Wednesday 3/6: Google Classroom Assistments: multiplying and dividing integers
Thursday 3/7: No homework (test next week, it may be a good idea to review classwork)
Friday 3/8: No homework (test next week, it may be a good idea to review classwork)

Week 26
Monday 2/25: Subtracting integers practice page 
Tuesday 2/26: Subtracting integers riddle if not finished in class: Study classwork for quiz tomorrow
Wednesday 2/27: Adding/subtracting integers Google Classroom assignment 

Week 25
Monday 2/18: Google Classroom HW Ordering Rational Numbers
Tuesday 2/19: Google Classroom HW 7.5.2 Changing Temperatures
Wednesday 2/20: Finish the Adding Integers packet if not finished in class. 
Thursday 2/21: No homework 
Friday 2/22: No homework 

Week 24
Monday 2/11: Google Classroom ASSISTments: 6.8 Lesson 12 using mean and MAD
Tuesday 2/12: Google Classroom ASSISTments Reading Box and Whisker Plots
Wednesday 2/13: Lesson Practice Sampling-paper copy 
Thursday 2/14: Study previous Unit 5 Google assignments and other class work for test tomorrow covering probability and statistics. 
Friday 2/15: no homework 

Week 23
Monday 2/4: Finish the probability riddle packet that was given out last Thursday. 
Tuesday 2/5: Finish mean/average packet
Wednesday 2/6: no homework 
Thursday 2/7: no homework 
Friday 2/8: no homework 

Week 22
Monday 1/28/19: Unit 5 Lesson 8 homework: ASSISTments assignment under classwork in Google Classroom
4th Block: Also 2 Khan Academy assignments (Making predictions with probability and Sample spaces for compound events)
Tuesday 1/29/18: No school
Wednesday 1/30/19: No homework
Thursday 1/31/19: No homework 
Friday 2/1/19: No homework

Week 21
Monday 1/21/19: No school
Tuesday 1/22/19: Under the Classwork tab in Google Classroom, open the homework document and edit using Kami and save to your Google Drive. 
Wednesday 1/23/19: No school, no homework 
Thursday 1/24/19: Probability of a single event-located on Google Classroom under the Classwork section. 
Friday 1/25/19: No homework 

Week 20
Monday 1/14/19: Study for Percentages Unit Test tomorrow. Please review class material in your folder/binder. 
Tuesday 1/15/19: No homework due to test. 
Wednesday 1/16/19: No homework 
Thursday 1/17/19: Unit 5 Lesson 1 located in Google Classroom under Classwork

Week 19
Monday 1/7/19: Soap, Soap, Soap riddle page 
Tuesday 1/8/19: Markups/Markdowns problems (on the back of the Taco Bell page)
Wednesday 1/9/19: No homework
Thursday 1/10/19: No homework 
Friday 1/11/19: No homework 

Week 18
Wednesday 1/2/19: Benchmark #3 no calculators! 
Thursday 1/3/19: 1st and 2nd Blocks: "Why does an empty wallet always stay empty?" riddle page. 4th Block: Equivalency Chart
Friday 1/4/19: no homework 

Week 17 
Monday 12/17-Tuesday 12/18
No homework. 
Have a fun and safe break! 

Week 16 
Monday 12/10-Friday 12/14
No Homework due to snow days

Week 15
Monday 12/3-Friday 12/7
Khan Academy assignments due Friday by 3:00 pm.
-Convert fractions to decimals
-Convert decimals to fractions 
-Percent problems
The percent riddle page is due Friday 

Week 14
Monday 11/26-Friday 11/30
Khan Academy assignments due Friday by 3:00 pm
-Rewrite decimals as fractions
-Percent from fraction models
-Finding percentages

Week 13 
Monday 11/19-Tuesday 11/20
No homework, have a fun and safe Thanksgiving! 

Week 12
Tuesday 11/13-Friday 11/16
ASSISTments on Google Classroom: due by 3:00 pm Friday 
-Area of Irregular Figures with Circles
-Area of Circles from Word Problems

Week 11
Monday 11/5-Friday 11/9
The following assignments from Khan Academy are due Friday by 3:00 pm. 
-Circumference of a circle
-Area of a circle
-Area and circumference of circles challenge problems

Week 10 
Monday 10/29-Friday 11/2
The following Khan Assignments are due Friday by 3:00 pm
-Radius and diameter
-Circumference of a circle
-Circumference and rotations 

Week 9
Monday 10/22-Friday 10/26
No homework this week!  We just took our Unit 2 test and this week is full of field trips.  

Week 8 
Monday 10/15/18
No School for Students

Tuesday 10/16/18
Khan Academy assignments due Friday by 3:00pm

Wednesday 10/17/18
Continue working on Khan Academy
Proportional Relationship practice also due Friday

Thursday 10/18/18
No homework

Friday 10/19/18
Study for Unit 2 test on Monday

Week 7 
Monday 10/8/18
Khan Academy assignments were posted.  All are due Monday by 3:00 pm

Tuesday 10/9/18

Continue working on Khan Assignments 

Wednesday 10/10/18
Continue working on Khan Assignments

Thursday 10/11/18
Continue working on Khan Assignmnets

Friday 10/12/18
No Homework 
Week 6
Monday 10/1/18
1st/2nd Blocks: ASSISTments 7.2.4 on Google Classroom
3rd Block: Pages 29-30 SKIP number 4. 
4th Block: ASSISTments 7.2.5 on Google Classroom

Tuesday 10/2/18
We have moved away from the ASSISTments homework program for now. 
All student have made a Khan Academy account for math class. 
I will be assigning assignments on Monday and they will be due by Friday afternoon. 

Wednesday 10/3/18

Continue Khan Academy assignments.  Due Friday. 

Thursday 10/4/18
Khan Academy due tomorrow 

Friday 10/5/18

No homework 
Week 5
Monday 9/24/18
1st/2nd/3rd Blocks: Study previous class material for test tomorrow over Unit 1: Scaled Copies/Scaled Drawings
4th: No homework due to Unit test

Tuesday 9/25/18
1st/2nd/3rd Blocks: No homework due to Unit test.
4th Block: 7.2 Lesson 1 ASSISTments assignment on Google Classroom

Wednesday 9/26/18
1st/2nd Blocks: 7.2 Lesson 1 ASSISTments assignment on Google Classroom
3rd Block: Pages 10 and 11, all problems
4th Block: 7.2 Lesson 2 ASSITments assignment on Google Classroom

Thursday 9/27/18
1st/2nd Blocks: 7.2 Lesson 2 ASSISTments assignment Google Classroom
3rd Block: Pages 16 and 17, skip number 3
4th Block: 7.2 Lesson 3 ASSISTments assignment Google Classroom

Friday 9/28/18
No Homework 

Week 4
Monday 9/17/18
2 Hour Delay
All Blocks: Comparing Shapes handout 

Tuesday 9/18/19
Corresponding angles/sides half sheet handout
Please have computers charged for tomorrow

Wednesday 9/19/18
Tonight is our first homework assignment on Google Classroom.  Go to your classroom page and click the TOP LINK under the classwork section.  

Thursday 9/20/18
7.1 Lesson 9 Google Classroom assignment.  Click the TOP link in the classwork section 

Friday 9/21/18
No homework 

Week 3
Monday 9/10/18
1st, 2nd, 4th Blocks: Grid Growth graph and questions
3rd Block: No homework 

Tuesday 9/11/18
1st, 2nd, 4th Blocks: From our current packet, Lesson 19 Computing Actual Areas from Scale Drawings.  REMEMBER there is a connection between the original area and the scale factor. DUE THURSDAY
3rd Block: Grid Growth DUE THURSDAY 

Wednesday 9/12/18
All homework assigned Tuesday is due Thursday.
Study previous class material for quiz tomorrow. 

Thursday 9/13/18
All Blocks: Mug's hat coordinate stretching and shrinking page 

Friday 9/14/18
No homework 

Week 2
Monday 9/3/18
No School 

Tuesday 9/4/18

All Blocks: Patchwork star multiplication of decimals handout 

Wednesday 9/5/18
1st/2nd/4th Blocks: Finish the introduction to scale coloring puzzle pages
3rd Block: 6 decimal division problems on the Lion riddle page 

Thursday 9/6/18
1st, 2nd, 4th Block: No homework 
3rd Block: Coloring scale puzzle pages

Friday 9/7/18

No homework 

Week 1
Monday 8/27/18
All Blocks: Sign homeroom paperwork and Math class syllabus and return

Tuesday 8/28/18
1st Block: Continue to bring in signed papers if you have not done so already
2nd, 3rd, 4th Blocks: Algebra Name Tag.  Add a splash of color if you want!  Continue to bring in signed papers if you have not done so already. 

Wednesday 8/29/18
1st Block: Algebra Name tag.  Add a splash of color if you want! 

2nd and 4th Blocks: Adding fractions with unlike denominators cube handout.  You do not need to color, but please show work in math notebook.

3rd Block: Adding fractions problems.

Thursday 8/30/18
All Blocks: Complete the Octagonal Star adding mixed numbers handout.  Please have work shown either in your notebook or on a separate sheet of paper. 

Friday 8/31/18

No homework. Enjoy the long weekend.