Multiple Intelligences

Who Am I?
1.  Complete the Multiple Intelligences Quiz from the following link: 
2.  Screenshot your results (the colored pie chart) and copy them onto a Google doc or save as a PDF and attach the results to 3.
NOTE: If you are not sure how to take a screenshot, then write down and save your code or print your results in black and white to access them at school. 
3.  Underneath your MI inventory results, on the Google Doc, type the following:
A quick reflection about your results:
With what result do you most agree? Why?
With what result do you most disagree? Why?
Have you seen the results play out in your life both inside and outside the classroom environment?
 4. Turn in to Mrs. Henry-Howell via email ( as an attachment or as a Google doc by your next AIG class OR print your results and reflection in color and hand the assignment in at your next AIG class.