2018-19 Quarter 1 Assignments

Aug 27 - 31:   Two Truths and a Lie Activity, Investigate the Teacher, Personal Element Poster, Signature Page, Observation Inference Worksheet, Observation Inference Lab, Course Pre-Quiz, Variables Worksheets

Sept 4 - 7:  Constants and Controls Worksheet, Quiz 1, Graphing Gizmo, Lab Safety Test, Measurement-Density-Safety Lab

Sept 10 - 14:  Lab Safety Contract, Volume/Mass/Density Worksheet, Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data Practice, Quiz 2, Density Gizmo, Inquiry Unit Review, Design Solar Heater

Sept 17 -21:  Inquiry Unit Test, Electricity Article, Human Footprint Sheet, Energy Anticipation Guide, Energy Notes, Build Solar Heater

Sept 24 - 28:  Energy Notes, Energy Conversion Gizmo, phET Skate Park Simulation, Quiz 3, Energy Mini-sheets

Oct 1 - 5:  Complete Energy Mini-Sheets, Energy Poems Project, Household Energy Use Gizmo, Quiz 4, Energy Review Worksheets, Test Solar Heater

Oct 8 - 12:  Greenhouse Effect Sheet, Greenhouse Effect Gizmo, Energy Unit Review, Quiz 5, Energy Unit Test, Alternative Fuel Sheet, Biomass Lab

Oct 16 - 19:  Introduction to Matter Packet, Matter Pre-quiz, Phases of Matter Packet, Phases of Water Gizmo, 

Oct 22 - 24:  Properties of Matter Video Notes, Physical and Chemical Properties Practice, Physical Properties Mini-Lab, Quiz 6 

2018-19 Quarter 2 Assignments

Oct 25 - 26:  Superhero Properties Project, Dry Ice Lab

Oct 29 - Nov 2:  Mystery Powder Gizmo, Dry Ice Lab Quiz, Atoms Family Math, Build an Atom PhET Simulation, Elements Reading Guide, Crash Course Atom Video Notes

Nov 5 - 9:  Crash Course History of Atomic Theory Notes, Introduction to Bohr Models, Quiz 7, Electron Configurations, Electron Dot Diagrams, Element Builder Gizmo, Classes of Elements, pH Lab

Nov 13 - 16: (Veterans Day and Play Field Trip)  Quiz 8, Periodic Table Webquest, Break Out Your Periodic Table 

Nov 19 - 20:  (Thanksgiving)  Periodic Table Trends

Nov 26 - 30:  Matter and Periodic Table Unit Review, Matter and Periodic Table Unit Test, Mixtures and Solutions Pre-Quiz, Classification of Matter Practice (2 Hour Delay, NC Check-In Testing) 

Dec 3 - 7:  Classification of Matter Mini-Lab, Solutions/Colloids/Suspensions Table, Separation of Mixtures Webquest, Separating Mixtures Webquest, Quiz 9, Solubility and Temperature Gizmo, Mixtures Chapter Review

Dec 10 - 14:  Sports Drink Lab, Separating Mixtures Practice, Solute/Solvent Practice, Compounds and Mixtures Review, Quiz 10, Solubility Curves Practice

Dec 17 -18:  (Winter Break Begins)

Jan 2 - 4:  (Winter Break Ends) Compound/Mixtures Review, Solute and Solvent Practice, Separation of Mixtures Practice, Solutions Notes, Solubility Curves Practice, Hunting the Elements Video

Jan 7 - 11:  Properties of Water Video, Properties of Water Webquest, Properties of Water Quiz, Properties of Water Puzzle Project, Properties of Water Lab, Mixtures Review

Jan 14 - 18:  Mixtures Unit Test , Types of Bonds Practice, Chemical Formula Practice, Lewis Dot Structure Practice (Early Release Friday)

2018-19 Quarter 3 Assignments

Jan 22 - 25:  (MLK Jr Day) Endothermic/Exothermic Reaction Lab, Quiz 11, Covalent Bonds Gizmo (ICE DAY)

Jan 28 - Feb 1: Slime Lab, Ionic Bonds Gizmo, Quiz 12, Balancing Chemical Equations Practice (ELA Check-In, PBIS Reward, SNOW DAY, 2 HR DELAY)

Feb 4 - 8:  More Balancing Practice, Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheet, Balancing Reactions PhET Simulation (Math Check-In, Nesbitt/Early College Field Trip, 8th Grade Tea, Early Dismissal)

Feb 11 - 15:  Winter Reactions Project, Chemistry Unit Review, Chemistry Test, Water Anticipation Guide, Water Distribution Diagram, Active River Reading, Water Filter Lab Part 1

Feb 18 - 22:  Water Cycle Diagram, Research Your Watershed, Stages of Rivers Table, Quiz 13, Types of Pollution, Water Pollution Gizmo, Water Filter Lab Part 2

Feb 25 - Mar 1:  (Early Dismissal, UNCA Field Trip, TCR Tour) Groundwater Textbook Notes, Groundwater Practice, Dig It Sheet, Quiz 14, Porosity Gizmo, Groundwater Diagram

Mar 4 - 8:  (Early Dismissal) Water Quality Indicator Reading, Bioindicator Virtual Lab, Quiz 15, Water Quality Online Lab, Water Treatment Diagram, Watershed Lab