2018-19 Quarter 1 Assignments

Aug 27 - 31:   Two Truths and a Lie Activity, Investigate the Teacher, Personal Element Poster, Signature Page, Observation Inference Worksheet, Observation Inference Lab, Course Pre-Quiz, Variables Worksheets

Sept 4 - 7:  Constants and Controls Worksheet, Quiz 1, Graphing Gizmo, Lab Safety Test, Measurement-Density-Safety Lab

Sept 10 - 14:  Lab Safety Contract, Volume/Mass/Density Worksheet, Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data Practice, Quiz 2, Density Gizmo, Inquiry Unit Review, Design Solar Heater

Sept 17 -21:  Inquiry Unit Test, Electricity Article, Human Footprint Sheet, Energy Anticipation Guide, Energy Notes, Build Solar Heater

Sept 24 - 28:  Energy Notes, Energy Conversion Gizmo, phET Skate Park Simulation, Quiz 3, Energy Mini-sheets

Oct 1 - 5:  Complete Energy Mini-Sheets, Energy Poems Project, Household Energy Use Gizmo, Quiz 4, Energy Review Worksheets, Test Solar Heater

Oct 8 - 12:  Greenhouse Effect Sheet, Greenhouse Effect Gizmo, Energy Unit Review, Quiz 5, Energy Unit Test, Alternative Fuel Sheet, Biomass Lab

Oct 16 - 19:  Introduction to Matter Packet, Matter Pre-quiz, Phases of Matter Packet, Phases of Water Gizmo, 

Oct 22 - 24:  Properties of Matter Video Notes, Physical and Chemical Properties Practice, Physical Properties Mini-Lab, Quiz 6 

2018-19 Quarter 2 Assignments

Oct 25 - 26:  Superhero Properties Project, Dry Ice Lab

Oct 29 - Nov 2:  Mystery Powder Gizmo, Dry Ice Lab Quiz, Atoms Family Math, Build an Atom PhET Simulation, Elements Reading Guide, Crash Course Atom Video Notes

Nov 5 - 9:  Crash Course History of Atomic Theory Notes, Introduction to Bohr Models, Quiz 7, Electron Configurations, Electron Dot Diagrams, Element Builder Gizmo, Classes of Elements, pH Lab

Nov 13 - 16: (Veterans Day and Play Field Trip)  Quiz 8, Periodic Table Webquest, Break Out Your Periodic Table 

Nov 19 - 20:  (Thanksgiving)  Periodic Table Trends

Nov 26 - 30:  Matter and Periodic Table Unit Review, Matter and Periodic Table Unit Test, Mixtures and Solutions Pre-Quiz, Classification of Matter Practice (2 Hour Delay, NC Check-In Testing) 

Dec 3 - 7:  Classification of Matter Mini-Lab, Solutions/Colloids/Suspensions Table, Separation of Mixtures Webquest, Separating Mixtures Webquest, Quiz 9, Solubility and Temperature Gizmo, Mixtures Chapter Review

Dec 10 - 14:  Sports Drink Lab, Separating Mixtures Practice, Solute/Solvent Practice, Compounds and Mixtures Review, Quiz 10, Solubility Curves Practice

Dec 17 -18:  (Winter Break Begins)

Jan 2 - 4:  (Winter Break Ends) Compound/Mixtures Review, Solute and Solvent Practice, Separation of Mixtures Practice, Solutions Notes, Solubility Curves Practice, Hunting the Elements Video

Jan 7 - 11:  Properties of Water Video, Properties of Water Webquest, Properties of Water Quiz, Properties of Water Puzzle Project, Properties of Water Lab, Mixtures Review

Jan 14 - 18:  Mixtures Unit Test , Types of Bonds Practice, Chemical Formula Practice, Lewis Dot Structure Practice (Early Release Friday)

2018-19 Quarter 3 Assignments

Jan 22 - 25:  (MLK Jr Day) Endothermic/Exothermic Reaction Lab, Quiz 11, Covalent Bonds Gizmo (ICE DAY)

Jan 28 - Feb 1: Slime Lab, Ionic Bonds Gizmo, Quiz 12, Balancing Chemical Equations Practice (ELA Check-In, PBIS Reward, SNOW DAY, 2 HR DELAY)

Feb 4 - 8:  More Balancing Practice, Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheet, Balancing Reactions PhET Simulation (Math Check-In, Nesbitt/Early College Field Trip, 8th Grade Tea, Early Dismissal)

Feb 11 - 15:  Winter Reactions Project, Chemistry Unit Review, Chemistry Test, Water Anticipation Guide, Water Distribution Diagram, Active River Reading, Water Filter Lab Part 1

Feb 18 - 22:  Water Cycle Diagram, Research Your Watershed, Stages of Rivers Table, Quiz 13, Types of Pollution, Water Pollution Gizmo, Water Filter Lab Part 2

Feb 25 - Mar 1:  (Early Dismissal, UNCA Field Trip, TCR Tour) Groundwater Textbook Notes, Groundwater Practice, Dig It Sheet, Quiz 14, Porosity Gizmo, Groundwater Diagram

Mar 4 - 8:  (Early Dismissal) Water Quality Indicator Reading, Bioindicator Virtual Lab, Quiz 15, Water Quality Online Lab, Water Treatment Diagram, Pond Ecosystem Gizmo, Watershed Lab

Mar 11 - 15:  Hydrosphere Unit Test, Ocean Floor Reading, Zones of the Ocean, Quiz 15, Life in the Ocean, Water Column, Ocean Research Project

Mar 18 - 22:  Limiting Factor Lab, Ecosystems Notes, Forest Ecosystem Gizmo, Prairie Gizmo, Coral Reef Gizmo 1, Quiz 16, Food Chains and Webs Notes, Producers/Consumers/Decomposers, Energy Pyramid

Mar 25 - 29:  Biodiversity Notes, Coral Reef Gizmo 2, Rabbit Population Gizmo, Quiz 17, Symbiosis Worksheet, Biogeochemical Notes, Biogeochemical Cycles, Carbon Cycle Gizmo (Early Release Mar 27)

2018-19 Quarter 4 Assignments:  

Apr 1 - 5:  Ecosystem Unit Test, Ice Core Lab (Atlanta Trip)

Apr 8 - 12:  Plate Tectonics Notes, Plate Tectonics Reading, Mountain Maker Webquest, Deforming Earth's Crust Reading, Quiz 18, Building Pangea Gizmo, Rock Cycle Notes, Rock Cycle Sheet, Rock Cycle Gizmo (ELA Check-in, Math Check-in, PBIS AAA Reward)

Apr 13 - 17:  Spring Break

April 22 - 26:  Relative Age Reading, Relative Age Practice, Unconformities Sheet, Reading the Layers, Absolute Age Reading, Radiometric Dating Activity, Radioactive Penny Lab, Radiometric Dating Practice, Putting It Together Sheet (Arboretum Field Trip, 8th Grade Tea)

April 29 - May 3:  Geologic Time Notes, Time Marches On Reading, Geologic Time Scale Project, Quiz 19, Cosmos Episode 2 Video, Evolution Notes, Natural Selection Gizmo, Adaptation Booklet Project

May 6 - 10:

May 13 - 17:

May 20 - 24:

May 27 - 31: (Memorial Day)

June 3 - 7:

June 10 - 11:  (Last Student Day)