Vocabulary quizzes are given each Wednesday.  Students have 10-15 words to study each week.  The quizzes have 10, multiple choice questions.  For each question, a definition is provided and the student must select the word that best matches the definition.

Words of the Week

Wednesday, February 13 - The quiz will not be on vocabulary. 

*The words below are for the quiz on Wednesday, February 20.

water cycle - continuous movement of Earth's water by the Sun's energy

precipitation - rain, snow, sleet

watershed - drainage basin or are of land drained by a water system

divide - area of higher ground that separates watersheds

runoff - precipitation that flows over land

erosion - process by which soil and sediment are transported or moved

load - materials carried by a stream

dissolved load - materials carried in a solution

discharge - amount of water a river/stream carries in a given amount of time

groundwater - water located within rocks below Earth's surface