Vocabulary quizzes are given each Wednesday.  Students have 10-15 words to study each week.  The quizzes have 10, multiple choice questions.  For each question, a definition is provided and the student must select the word that best matches the definition.

Words of the Week

*The words below are for the quiz on Wednesday, May 1.

magma -hot, fluid rock below Earth's surface

lava - hot, melted rock that reaches Earth's surface

dormant volcano - a volcano that has not erupted in recorded history

tsunami - a series of waves formed when a massive amount of water is displaced by an earthquake or volcano

igneous rock - rock that forms when melted rock in the form of lava or magma cools and turns solid

metamorphic rock - rock that forms from other rocks that have changed from heat, pressure, or a chemical reaction

sedimentary rock - rock that forms when small pieces of rocks, minerals, and shells are deposited, buried, and are squeezed and cemented together

rock cycle - the process in which rocks continuously change from one kind to another over long periods of time

cementation - the process by which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together into one mass

extrusive rock - rock formed by the cooling of lava at Earth's surface

intrusive rock - rock formed by the cooling of magma beneath Earth's surface