Math Support with Ms. Neel

Extra Math Support with Ms. Neel     thinking cap


Arrangements may be made in advance to stay after school for extra support or make up any missed work, quizzes, or tests. 

If after school arrangements cannot be made, students may sign up to work during lunch.

Students that that ride the late bus are welcome to come to my room at 2:45 if they need extra help. They can work in here for 20 minutes before they go downstairs late load and ask me questions. It is their responsibility to come in, get to work, and ask questions when they need support.

For after school support, I am available most Mondays and Wednesdays until 3:30. Unfortunately, I am not available for Math support every day. Students should ask me for additional support when they need it and I'll let them know if I'm available. I keep a clipboard of students who request additional help on an as needed basis. Students come sign up for Math help with me before the day requested so I can check my schedule. If they sign up with me, they will need to bring a note in their agenda from a parent or guardian on the confirmed day letting me know they have arranged for someone to pick them up at 3:30.