2018 Boys Soccer Team

Congratulations: We kept 25 players.  This is by far the most ever.  3 goalies will NOT get a uniform as they will ONLY be field players.  We must ALL keep working to earn playing time.

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Practice tomorrow until 4:45.

8th Graders:
Charlie Ford
Owen Nies
Itzi Cedillo
Shiloh Ward
Arden Bode
Eduard Ramos
Alejandro Garces
Alex Alvarez
Bogart Lopez-Garcia
Harris Ibottson
Teddy Howell

7th Graders
Quinn Roberts
Eli Simms
Elijah Seligman
Seth Draper
Mason Eill
Nick Coustache
Connor Reese
Fletcher Wilson
Caleb Larson
Nash Lister
Andy Chimalpopoca
Derrick Ray
Gabriel Huerta
Will Sanders

Head Coach Allan Tenney
Assistant Coach Marc DeGarmo