Elizabeth Terry playing the viola in class.

Buncombe County Schools (BCS) employs thousands of extraordinary staff all across the district. BCS takes pride in recruiting the best in order to inspire, educate, encourage and elevate students on a daily basis. BCS has extraordinary fine arts educators, and this Staff Spotlight focuses on one from the TC Roberson District. 

Elizabeth Terry is the Orchestra teacher for Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, Valley Springs Middle School, and TC Roberson High School. Ms. Terry is passionate about arts education, and the impact it has on students. 

“Music education is an important facet of the human experience,” she said. “Music in school creates time for students to connect to their creativity and use their brain in a different way than other classes. Many students tell me that they enjoy being able to learn an instrument and make music during their school day."

Ms. Terry is embarking on her 8th year of teaching for BCS. Over that time she has seen a growth in the strings program. 

“Orchestra in the Roberson district is the largest string program in the county,” she said. “Orchestra is special because the students are incredible and the instruments are really fun and versatile. Many students who play in orchestra classes go on to learn different styles of music that fit their interests.”

Ms. Terry has the unique opportunity to be with students from their sixth grade year till they graduate high school. Something most teachers don’t get the opportunity to experience in a student's educational journey. 

“I feel lucky to have the opportunity to get to know my students throughout their time in middle and high school,” she explained. “I think students appreciate having a person in the school who has known them for a while too.”

Violinists playing during class at Valley Springs Middle School.